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Characters of Cocoon

Cocoon characters against a yellow wall

Plant sorcerers, a few witches, and a new demon

The cast of Cocoon is large and varied, but plant sorcerers dominate, as it does center around them and their territory. As more characters come along, this page will be updated. However, it will remain mostly spoiler-free.

Sorcerers of the Valley Forest


Calais comes from the southern region, and grew up in a small village of stone houses. Their family did not encourage their interests.


Picardie came to Valley Forest from the foothills of Diora. She faced heavy pressure at home and sought to escape it.


Occitanie became a plant sorcerer due to her parents' wishes. Not loving the farm life, she joined the Valley Forest and is now the Duxa in charge.


Lorraine comes from the western coastal area. Despite that, she really does not like the ocean or water.


Alsace comes from the north, and follows the typical northern practice of eyebrow trimming. She doesn't hate her homeland.

Those from Beyond the Walls


Auvergne is a traveling air sorcerer from Diora. She helps out at Valley Forest from time to time.


Rhone also comes from the western coast, and having always loved the ocean, became a water sorcerer.


Alpes is the master Queller of the region, but often feels major frustration from their own limits with the earth.