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Phantasma Extras

the five main characters of Phantasma, smiling at each other

Illusion Seekers and Illusion Locations

Main Characters


Lilou Gravois is a former art history student, now working in a gallery. She is 24.


Olive Berger is 20 and studies math at a public university. Her spare change goes to maintaining her purple hair.


Dragon Dupont chose their name on their own a long time ago. They are studying to be a vet, and are 20.


Indigo Laabi is 21 and studies literature as an exchange student.


Violet de Touquin is 23 and studies law. She has always lived in Paris.

Map of Illusions Found

Spoilers ahead!

This map contains markers on the locations of Phantasma, going off of the locations listed at the end of each chapter: The Map