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There are three categories in this section of my portfolio:

Digital Art  ||  Video Work  ||  Pen & Ink

Naturally I spend most of my art time drawing: drawing comics, designing worlds and characters, and just drawing to practice. Here I have collected some of my best drawings in digital art, videos and animation, and pen & ink.

Digital Art

Given that almost all my comics are digital media, I have the most experience with digital art. Most of it, however, is for the purpose of comics. Some pieces below showcase what I draw when I find a bit of free time.

Calais standing in front of their current life, including a dark night among trees, blue lilies, and the cocoon

Calais panel introduction: their present and future. 2018.

Occitanie in front of panels showing her present life in Valley Forest in all seasons

Occitanie panel introduction: her present and past. 2018.

Corse in front of panels explaining their backstory, including a sword in the woods and a winter forest

Corse panel introduction: their pathway in life. 2018.

the character Hashbrown standing at the entrance to a library full of books, the image is mostly orange and blue

Hashbrown's Library. 2018. Tied to the comic To Become a Witch, although Hashbrown's library was never fully explored.

a dwarf wearing gold and pink armor with a buff-colored fluffy cat on her shoulder

My D&D character, Kritin, with her familiar Cleroden. 2018.

a pensive green-haired person in a sea of flowers

Green Bloom. 2018.

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Video Work

The Master of Arts in Social Innovation Program

A video showcasing my Master's program at USD. I helped brainstorm the images and then drew it for the video. A fellow student, Emily Pasnak-Lapchick, voiced a narration about her path to the program.

Pen and ink, 2017.

Animated GIFs

After learning to use Adobe After Effects, I made a few animations. They take a bit too much time away from comics, but they were fun to make. Please click the link below image to view the animation.

Pancake and the Robot

a GIF of the character Pancake commanding a small robot to fly

Watch the animation

Dancing Flame

a friendly fire burns above clasped hands wearing plenty of jewelry

Watch the animation

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Pen and Ink

After learning how to use my first brush pen- the refillable Pentel- I got very interested in portraying everything in black and white, with just a pen or two. That doesn't mean I refuse to add color- one of these works has some color- but there is a major interest in creating pattern and texture with only a pen. No whiteout, no "undo" button! As Bob Ross would say, some of the marks are "happy little mistakes."

a pen and ink drawing of a red panda

Red Panda. Drawn at the San Diego Zoo. I got very lucky that morning! 2018.

a pen and ink drawing of a hippo underwater

Otis the Hippo- forty years old and a relaxed guy. Drawn at the San Diego Zoo. 2018.

a pen drawing of a guanaco smiling

Guanaco, not llama! Drawn at the San Diego Zoo. 2017.

a waterfall amongst many tropical plants, drawn in pen and ink

Waterfall. Drawn at the San Diego Zoo in one of the aviaries. 2017.

a girl recoils from a large dragon in a cave

"Chicken"- an Inktober prompt. So much for exploring caves! 2018.

a small girl wearing a floppy hat looks out over the roofs of stone buildings

St Emilion and Hat Girl. Do not ask how she got there. 2016.

you look through a glass door at a small girl wearing a floppy hat looks out over a balcony

Out the Window. The place is the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris. 2016.

a girl with messy curly hair looks very tired, wearing a baggy sweater with a complicated pattern

"Exhausted"- an Inktober prompt. Not only an exhausted person, but an exhausting pattern to draw. 2018.

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