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College for Cats Transcripts: Year 1

Semester: Fall Spring

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Comic 1
Two cats in a dining hall. They are eating.
Cat 1: “We’re here again.”
Cat 2: “But it’s so convenient! It’s in the same building! What’s not to like?”
Cat 1: “I guess you’re right. Bon Appetit?”
Cat 2: “Oh please- you take Spanish!”

Comic 2
A black and white cat walking outside in the rain.
A second cat walks up from behind the first cat.
The two cats share an umbrella.

Comic 3
Two cats are outside in the wind.
Cat 1: “Woah…”
Cat 2: “There’s too much wind!”
Three cats on their computers. They shout “BANNERWEB!”
A lot of hot air was produced, explains a caption.

Comic 4
Cat 1: “I’m going to need to learn to grow more fur.”
Cat 2: “Just buy more of these pom-pom hats!”

Comic 5
Ways to stay warm in winter:
1. Stay inside.
Cat 1: “Ross, I praise thee.”
2. Coats
Cat 2: “Am I cat or coat?”
3. Naturally!
Cat 3: “Only if you have fur!”

Comic 6
A cat slides by on an icy pavement. It zooms by the panels.
Cat 1: It’s too slippery!

Comic 7
Show shoveling, cat style.
Three cats walk through tunnels in tall snowbanks.

Comic 8
In class.
Professor Cat: “Welcome, class. … This is Intro to Cattitude.”
Professor Cat looks out over the full classroom.
The cats in class look back and Professor Cat speaks some more.
Professor Cat: “We’ll be studying … what makes us cats.”
Professor Cat: “Although it would seem that some of you already know.”
Two cats sleep in their chairs, heads on the desks.

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Comic 9
Three cats walk upright, covered in winter clothing.
Cat 1: “Meow?”
Cat 2: ?
Cat 2 turns to Cat 1, revealing floppy ears.
Cat 2: “Woof!”
Cat 1, shocked: “Dogs come to college, too?!?”

Comic 10
A lone cat walks across a snowy bank. The wind blows harshly.
Cat 1: “What are those tracks?”
Cat 1 looks at a strange indentation in the snow.
Cat 1 looks to the upper-right. Two black shapes are making the tracks.
Cat 1: “Penguins…?”
Cat 1: “It’s that cold, huh?”
Cat 1 seems disappointed.

Comic 11
Autumn: A cat looks up at falling leaves, happy.
Winter: A very fluffy cat walks through falling snow with a scarf on.
Spring: A cat looks up, scared. Flowers sprout around the cat.
A test, a paper, and a $200 book fall from the sky towards the running feline.

Comic 12
Professor Cat: “Now, who can tell me about purring?”
The class looks out the window.
Professor Cat: “Class?”
The class looks out the window, eyes wide, tails swishing.
Birds chirp in a tree outside the window.
Professor Cat: “Oh. Yes, class, birds appear in spring.”

Comic 13
Two cats sit at a table.
Muffin: “Here, Fluffy!”
Fluffy: “Oh, Muffin!”
A heart appears from Fluffy’s head. Muffin has a bird in their mouth.
Muffin bends over to put the dead bird on the table.
Fluffy: “Didn’t you say you were going to give this to Mr. Snuggles?”
Fluffy continues talking, and Muffin tenses up.
Fluffy: “‘Cause there’s a midterm next week…”
Muffin: “Heh heh…”
Muffin is disappointed. Fluffy’s heart breaks.
The bird is still on the table.

Comic 14
Two squirrels sit at the base of a tree. Their tails are very fluffy.
A squirrel shouts from out of the panel: “Hey! Guys! I found nuts!”
Squirrel 2: “It’s Tails!”
Squirrel 3: “Yay!”
We see Tails, being held hostage by a cat.
Tails: “…Save me?”
Squirrel 2: “Ahhh! No!”
The cat, with Tails in her mouth, chases the other two squirrels.
Squirrel 2: “Why, Tails?!?”
Tails: “The cat said she’d spare me!”
Cat: “April Fools, lunch.”

Comic 15
Two cats on a sidewalk, with their passage blocked by a sleeping cat.
Cat 1: “Uhhhh….”
Cat 2: “That looks fun!”
Cat 1: “But we have class…”
Cat 2: “It’s finally warm! Come on!”
Cat 1: “ok…”
The cats lie down with the other cat.
Cat 1: “Ahhhh…. Warm concrete!”
They purr, forgetting about class.

Comic 16
A cat sits at their desk.
Cat: “Alright! I did all my work! Prrr!”
Their phone pings with a new message. It is 1:40AM.
Cat: “Huh? A new message at this hour?”
The cat checks their phone.
Cat: “What? More work? More? Argh!”
The cat hisses!
Cat: “Shut up, email! I don’t want more work!”

Comic 17
A cat walks on all fours by an empty, open cardboard box. Their tail is down.
Cat: “Gotta do work, gotta do work…”
The cat approaches the box, sniffing, tail up.
Cat: “Oooh! But THIS BOX!”
The cat begins to climb in the box.
Cat: “Work can wait.”
The cat snuggles up in the box and purrs.

Comic 18
Two cats sit on windswept grass, under a tree.
Cat 2: “This sunshine is so nice.”
Cat 1: “Finals are next week.”
Both cats fall silent, and the grass blows in the wind.
Cat 2: “Oh bother.”

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