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College Cats Abroad Transcripts

Semester: Fall Spring

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Comic 1
A cat stands in a busy location. The cat looks at a dog.
Cat: “Woof?”
Dog: “Wooof.”
The cat sulks, very disappointed.
Cat: “Ack! I forgot they use the ooo-form here!”

Comic 2
A cat is on the subway.
The subway voice calls out the station name: “Cité. Cité.”
A bird and a rat get on the subway, holding a pole and facing each other.
The cat thinks: “Must not eat… must not eat…”

Comic 3
A bus speeds along a road.
Cats: “Off we go on our fall trip!”
The cats get off on a dirt road.
Guide cat: “We walk from here!”
Cat 2: “Awww.”
Cat 3: “I’m tired.”
The guide cat motions with an arm in front of a large group of cats.
Cat 1: “And here we are at Mont-Saint-Michel…”
We see what the group of cats is looking at. It is a mass of wispy clouds.
Guide cat: “…although all you can see is fog.”

Comic 4
A cat and three dogs sit at a café. They are looking at menus.
Cat: “Woof”
Dog 1: “Wooof”
Dog 2: “Bow wow.”
The waiter dog comes by to take their orders.
Waiter dog: “Bow woof, grr bow?”
Dog 1: “Bow!”
Dog 2: “Woof woof!”
The waiter dog turns to the cat.
Waiter dog: “Mrreow?”
Cat: “WOOF!”
The cat is angry.
Cat, thinking: “How DARE the waiter think I can’t speak Dogese!”

Comic 5
A cat holds a list.
Cat: “Let’s see… fruit… fish… catnip…”
The cat walks past a display stand at a grocery store.
Cat: “Got the fruit…”
The cat turns towards the stands.
Cat: “Wait- advent calendars?”
The cat’s eyes bulge, showing the whites.
Cat: “But it’s OCTOBER.”

Comic 6
A cat stands at the tracks of a subway.
The cat looks at the sign.
The trains are going North. The first train is coming in 3 minutes. The second train is coming in 5 minutes.
Cat: “Ok… three minutes.”
Some time passes.
The first train is coming in two minutes. The second train is coming in one minute.
Cat: “Wait- WHAT.”
The cat sweats, distressed.
Cat: “Why… is the second train ahead… what happened?”

Comic 7
A cat and a dog look at the Eiffel Tower in the dark. The comic is black with white lines.
Cat: “Sure is nice… But why is it so warm still?!”

Comic 8
A dog, a cat, a fox, and a bird stand together.
We will continue on, together.
Paris. Beirut. Syria. Earth.

Comic 9
An angry, triangular-faced professor dog shouts.
Professor dog: “WOOF! BARK! BOW-WOW!”
A student cat thinks: “So… we all failed the last test?”
A student dog turns to the cat.
Student dog: “Don’t worry, professors like him…”
Student dog: “are all bark and no bite!”

Comic 10
A cat walks through a graveyard.
Cat: “Lot of fancy graves…”
The cat stops in front of one tombstone. It says HAAS.
Cat: “Hey wait-
The cat pulls out their phone.
Cat: “It’s my mom’s maiden name! Who knew…”
The cat takes a picture.

Comic 11
A cat sits on a chair.
Cat: “Well, I’m going back to Dogis…”
Cat: “It should be easier than flying back to Vermont.”
The loudspeaker comes on, crackly.
Loudspeaker: “Attention, Flight 15 to Dogis has been delayed to due a strike…”
Cat: “…or not.”
The cat hisses, fur spiking up.

Comic 12
A cat walks around in a scarf.
Cat: “Ok, let’s see if anyone wears hats here in winter…”
Various dogs walk by, with scarves, but no hats.
Cat: “no… no…”
The cat spots a dog with a hat on.
Cat: “There’s a hat! But he’s old.”
The cat is mildly angry.
Cat: I guess my ears will just have to be cold to fit in…

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Comic 13
A cat walks in a crowd of dogs. They all have scarves, hats, and heavy coats on.
The cat thinks: “Everyone looks so cold.” The cat looks to the left and wonders: “What does the sign say…?”
The cat looks at a temperature sign, fur rising in shock. The sign reads 7 degrees. The cat says: “WHAT?”
The cat thinks for a moment. “Wait. Celsius. So… 45 ish. Pretty nice, for January.”

Comic 14
The cat waits in a hallway for class with dogs. The cat thinks: “I’m 5 minutes early…”
Time passes, and more dogs arrive. The cat looks at a watch: “Professor’s late now.”
A dog comes by, telling everyone: “I checked the board- no class!”
The cat is disappointed. “Of course, I forgot how archaic this place is…”

Comic 15
The cat goes in a door to a museum. There is a huge mass of people waiting in line. The cat exclaims: “What’s with this line?!?!”
Two birds coo together: “I’m so happy we’re in Paris for Valentine’s Day!”
The cat slaps her paw on her face, thinking: “Oh. Duh. City of Love.”

Comic 16
A cat with a very furry black neck talks to a dog.
The dog asks: “Did you see the snow?”
The cat’s eyes open wide.
Cat: “It snowed?”
Dog: “Yeah!”
The dog shows the cat a phone with a photo of a few dots.
Dog: “See the flakes?”
The cat thinks: “That’s… just rain. Do I dare ruin her mood?”

Comic 17
A cat and a dog are in a café.
Cat: “This Human Café…”
A small girl sqees, “Eeeeeeee”
Cat: “…is kinda weird.”
The small girl runs up to the edge of the cat’s coffee cup.
Girl: “Kitty!”
The dog is on his side, relaxed. Two small humans pet his head and belly.
Dog: “I told you- it’s all about belly rubs!”
The cat takes her cup away from the girl.
Girl: “Kitty cat!”
Cat: “Yeah, NO.”

Comic 18
The cat is at the subway, once again. The sign reads NEXT: 0 minutes.
The cat turns to a dog.
Cat: “So where’s the metro?”
The tracks are empty.
Dog: “There are less metros today- strikes over the work law and all.”
Cat thinking, paw to mouth: “So their 2 hour lunch break isn’t enough?”

Comic 19
A tabby cat with dark stripes is in the park.
The cat looks up at the bare branches of a tree.
Birds chirp many times.
The cat licks his lips.
Cat thinks: “Ah, Spring! I can hear you!”
The cat looks small from the viewpoint of one of the birds.
Cat thinks: “About now, I’d be finding a bird-bribe…”
Cat thinks in the next panel: “I guess dogs don’t want dead birds.”
The cat is disappointed.

Comic 20
A cat has a phone with a cat-ear case.
Cat thinks: “I should check my email…”
The cat’s fur spikes up as the phone says 27 notifications.
The emails’ subjects are about Events, What’s Happening, CC Weekly, and the Health Center.
The cat’s tail remains puffy.
Cat thinks: “I’m not even IN Vermont!!!”

Comic 21
A cat stands under an umbrella in heavy rain.
A dog splashes in a puddle, only wearing a poncho.
The cat looks on, thinking: “You’re thinking: cats hate rain, right?”
The dog invites the cat: “Come on! It’s fun!”
The cat’s eyes are slits.
The cat looks away.
Cat thinks: “Well, have you ever smelled wet dog?”

Comic 22
A cat walks through two lines of trees.
The cat looks up, thikning, “Ah- warm sunlight!”
The cat stretches out on the ground on her back, legs up in the air, thinking, “Yaaass”
The cat looks up at two disapproving dogs. “Right. It's Dog Country.”

Comic 23
A cat stands at a crosswalk as a car speeds by.
The cat looks at a dog sticking their head out of the front window, fluffy ears flying back in the wind.
The cat is confused and shocked.
The cat thinks, “I thought that was just in movies...”

Comic 24
A poodle stands in front of a closed door, telling a fluffy cat, “So here's the cathedral...”
The cat looks at the stained glass windows, displaying dogs with haloes and fluffy ears.
The cat leans back to view a dog dying on a cross for dogkind's sins.
The cat asks the guide dog, “But where are all the cats?”

Comic 25
A cat looks at an airplane confirmation screen, “CDG to LAX. Confirmed. 1 cat.”
The cat yawns. “My year abroad is over.”
Turning, the cat sees piles of clothes, containers, and books on a bed. They spill out of a suitcase.
“Oh right... I have to pack.”
The cat wishes they hadn't bought so much stuff.

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