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College Cats: Senior Year Transcripts

Semester: Fall Spring

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Comic 1
A professor cat looks at a few students sitting in desks. She asks, “So, seniors... it's time to PLAN!”
She continues, “What will you DO after this?”
A few cats think, “Uhh...” and “Umm..” They frown and cross their arms.
The middle cat smiles, thinking, “Panini at Ross?”

Comic 2
A cat in a tie and glasses asks a student cat, “Have you thought about your thesis?”
The student looks blankly back, responding, “Well... I was thinking about birds in kitten's literature...”
The professor cat is pleased, “That's perfect! Go find an advisor!”
The student is shocked, thinking, “Wait really? It was that easy?”

Comic 3
A cat has bug eyes, quite literally, while watching a fly buzz around their head.
The cat reaches out, striking and giving a menacing look at the fly.
A professor cat looks over from a whiteboard, asking, “Yes- Sphi, do you have a comment?” Other student cats look towards the hunting cat.
Sphi recoils, apologizing, “Uh... no... sorry.” They think on the inside, “I forgot I was in class!”

Comic 4
A clock reads 10 PM. A cat is shouting at a printer, “Come on, PRINT!”
A striped cat comes by, saying, “All the printers are dead.
The angry cat is now shocked and concerned.
They respond, “What am I gonna do... it's due at 8 tomorrow...”
The all-knowing cat shouts back, “You're a SENIOR! Why did you sign up for an 8am?

Comic 5
A very fluffy cat teaching math looks at her students.
He asks, “Now, students: I know it's cold out, but get off of each other!”
There is a pile of catson the floor with papers and books by their heads and front paws.
One pleads, “But- we haven't grown our winter coats yet-”
The professor frowns, demanding, “OFF.” One student respoonds, “but-”
The professor repeats himself, “OFF.” The student responds, “Yes sir!”

Comic 6
A tiger cat asks a very fluffy cat, “Hey, what are you doing--”
The fluffy cat is angry. “I DON'T KNOW! I have NO idea! STOP ASKING!”
Tiger cat holds up her paws in defnese, “Chill... I was asking about Halloween, not next year...”
The fluffy cat is disarmed. “Oh... I'm dressing up as a human. Sorry...”

Comic 7
A cat looks at her planner, crying out, “Ack! 4 papers? Wait!”
The cat pauses on the Sunday the 6th entry. It says Daylight Savings, with a note to read “Why we watch fish, chapter 5 plus Moodle PDF.”
The cat thinks about it being November and of a clock. “Uh.... fall back, so I gain 1 hour.”
Cat: “Ok… three minutes.”
The cat is less happy than before. “But an hour isn't really enough... Guess I'll have to hibernate over break...”

Comic 8
A puffy cat asks a tabby, “So, what are you doing for your thesis?”
“I'm looking at cats in comics,” the tabby responds gleefully.
“What?? Like, us?” The puffy cat is shocked.
But tabby cta is more confused and shocked! “Huh? We're in a comic???”

Comic 9
A cat with big round glasses sits, arms on table, lording over a thesis student. The professor says, “So- I looked at the 1st draft of your thesis-”
The professor holds up a printed copy with some text, markings, and a small picture. “I see you like memes.”
The professor has some concern, “Just make sure to change it to the graph, ok?”
The student cat is nonplussed and depressed, “I sure hope Prof doesn't know what that meme MEANS...”

Comic 10
A cat sleeps in bed, zzz'ing, with a mouse-print bedspread.
The cat is jolted away by noise of GAH RAH HAH, ghoulish and loud.
The cat looks at a speckled ceiling of a dorm.
The cat thinks, “I guess I'll have to stare at the ceiling until I can sleep again...”

Comic 11
A cat sits on a chair at a thesis carrell piled with books and papers.
The cat dreams, “Ack- where is the rest of my thesis?”
The cat's face scrunches up, “No, no, I did finish, see?” The cat is still asleep.
The cat wakes up, bleary-eyed. “Oh. Whew. It's not May yet.”

Comic 12
Two cats sit at a table with drinks.
One cat is pounding on the table, screaming, “DANG IT! THERE'S NO SNOW! WE. MUST. PROTEST!”
While the cat screams, their friend watches one of the drinks spill over. After the screaming ends, both drinks have spilled on the table.
The clean friend asks, “...Can we clean up first?”
The screamer is jolted out of their passion, back to reality.

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Comic 13
A cat with a backpack is in an airport near Gate 43. Other cats walk around in the background.
A loundspeaker calls out, “PAGING KITTY CAT... KITTY CAT...”
The desk agent shocks Kitty Cat, asking, “Burlington is closed. How about flying tomorrow?”
All of Kitty Cat's hairs stand on end, as she thinks, “class is tomorrrow! why me? me? why? class... why me? why me? ARGH! NO!”
Kitty Cat is on the beach, relaxing in sunglasses under an umbrella with a drink and a book. “eh, not bad being home!”

Comic 14
A cat is trying to read, with fur flying around everywhere.
The cat wipes some fur off of their book, muttering, “Yuck, more fur on my book.”
The cat looks up, worried, “And it's only FEBRUARY...”
The cat shouts to the sky, “CURSE YOU, CLIMATE CHANGE!”

Comic 15
A fluffball is excited, asking, “Did you hear about the new planets?”
The friend responds, “Yeah. I hope there's no homework on them...” Planets float in the background, shining.
Fluffball is happy, “Oooh... THat'd be nice. But I'd settle for no dogs.” More planets float, shining.
The friend is interested: “oooh.”

Comic 16
Two dark, angry cats fight: “THIS” “THAT” “THIS”
Two small cats talk to themselves, not joining the fight: “Let's just go, we should write those papers...” “Yeah..”
But the angry cats turn to them, “THIS OR THAT?” They demand to know.
One of the scared cats posits, “Uh... our homework?”

Comic 17
A cat dances by two others, shouting, “65 days!”
The two little cats are shocked. The thick-striped one says, “What? I don't have a job!”
The thin-striped one responds, “Yeah, well... You did your thesis in the fall! I still have that to do!”
The thick-striped one mutters, "Hmm..."
Both put their front paws on their chins. The thick-striped one cotinues talking, “Maybe by May we'll be in nuclear war...”
The other retorts, “April, I bet.”

Comic 18
It's Spring Break! Which cat aree you?
The first cat, who, during the week, relaxes in the sun?
Who then, on Sunday night, panics with a goofy tanline, “AHHHH! WHY?” while typing like mad?
Or our second cat, who types away during the week (thesis, thesis, thesis)
And on Sunday night, depressed, asks, “Wait, where did break go?”

Comic 19
A cat sings poorly while strumming a guitar, “Wake me when April and May end...”
A listener chimes in, “It just doesn't have the same ring.”
The player asks, “So we can't be the next Green Day after graduation?”
The listener gets angry, pointing out, “If you don't finish your thesis, you won't graudate.”

Comic 20
A cat stands with a nametag in front of a poster. “Great. 45 minutes with my poster. This'll be quick.”
A tired cat runs up, “You! With the poster!” The student chokes a little on their spit, “Ah! Yes?”
The tired cat grows furious, “Why is there a DOG BUTT here?”
The student attempts to respond, “Ah, well, it pertains-”
The now-angry and tired cat launches into a tirade, “Don't you know the history of dog butts and just how I've- they are too - cult-”
The student is worried, “This won't be quick, huh?”

Comic 21
Being a French major, normally:
A cat sits on the grass, reading. “Sure is nice out.”
During the weeks around the elections...
Cats surround our same cat, asking, “So- what's gonna happen?”
They name various candidate's names.

Comic 22
A cat wears a cap and gown, holding a rolled-up paper. “Yes! I did it!”
Cats toss their caps into the air. “I'm free!”
A cat with classes pops the dream bubble of a sleeping cat.
“24 days, kid,” she says, walking along. The now-awake student complains, “EH?”

Comic 23
A cat walks along a path near grassy fields and trees. It's spring!
Birds chirp in a nest with baby birds asking for food.
The cat looks happily at tulips. Flowers!
BLARGH! BLARGH! The cat feels their fur bristle, fire alarms!

Comic 24
The cat holds a stack of papers, triumphant. “THESIS, DONE!”
The cat tries to staple it, feeling waves of worry. “Uhh... it isn't stapling...”
The cat pulls out a gag from the first year's comics, using it to hold the papers. “Well, I'll just use my spare bird bribe...”
The cat looks at the dead bird holding the papers together, “Yeah, maybe that's too much...”

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