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Cocooon Transcripts: Pages 1 to 10

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Page 1
The first panel shows a large yellow wall dominating over some small stone and wood structures behind it.
We then see the stone structures: round stone houses nestled in the roots of trees. There is a dirt path connecting the doors to the other houses.
The third panel shows one of the houses in particular, with a window.
The fourth panel reveals who is behind the window: a woman with red hair with her face in her hands.

Page 2
The woman rubs her hair with one hand and bites the opposite thumb. She is Occitanie.
She looks down, and wonders, "What do I prioritize?"
Her hands trace a map in the middle of her wooden table.
She thinks, "The acacias, the apples, the elders... The temporary squads are demanding more pay... And the moon lilies will bloom soon."
We see her back, the edges of her form lit by the sunlight outside. She thinks, "Why did no one send an apprentice? Did my posts reach no one?" A bell chimes in the distance.
Her eyes open wide. "Oh, it is time. I must start the day," she thinks.
She leaves her desk behind and the bell chimes three times.

Page 3
Occitanie and four others stand beneath a wood structure with vines crawling up its posts.
Occitanie looks with her head tilted at the others.
Occitanie: Are we all ready for the summer harvests?
Lorraine's head has fallen and she snores. Alsace, Picardie, and Calais look over at her.
Picardie: Yes, Occitanie! Let us start working! We must finish before the dreaded heat!
Calais: Picardie... it is already too hot...
Picardie is pumped up. Calais is almost frowning.
Lorraine wraps her arms around Alsace, hiding her face. Alsace squirms to get out.
Lorraine: It is too early for such energy… Carry me, Alsace.
Alsace: We have sent out the temporary squads. Well, I did...

Page 4
Occitanie: That is perfect, Alsace.
Alsace smiles.
Lorraine finally shows her face but she keeps her arms around Alsace.
Lorraine: They will handle the acacia and the apple harvests. Yawn… Myself and Alsace will cover the elder grove.
Calais holds their face in one hand.
In the next panel, Calais and Occitanie face off, both smiling. Picardie looks on, disapprovingly, in the background.
Calais: That leaves the scattered linden for myself and Picardie. Right?
Occitanie: Yes.
Calais: Good.
Calais: I believe we are set to head east first. Near the wall on the other side of the valley.

Page 5
Picardie gets much closer to Calais.
Picardie: Let us start, then! Come, Calais! We must get all the way across the valley!
Picaride grabs Calais' wrist.
Calais frowns, being turned by Picardie's movement.
Calais: There is no need to grab-
Lorraine: Yawn…
Alsace: Wrong way, Lorraine.
Lorraine: ...beechnuts.
Occitanie: Come find me to solve any issues!
Calais: Yes, Duxa Occitanie!
Picardie: We will be fine!

Page 6
Three landscapes of the valley:
The first shows an overview of the valley, different species of trees near each other in groups. Three paths snake out through the woods.
In the far background, a yellow wall encloses the valley.
In the foreground, blue stone steps lead down into the valley, at the edge of a cliff with a tree on the edge.
In the second landscape, a willow bends over a yellow dirt path near outcroppings of blue stone. There are small purple flowers in the grass.
A yellow path goes off into the distance. A blue curved and spiky rock extends upwards in a patch of grass.
The third panel shows a clear waterfall pouring between walls of purple stone. A white-barked tree curves up and in front of the waterfall. The waterfall continues as a river, dotted with small purple stones.
Bright grass grows around the banks of the river.

Page 7
Calais walks through a dark part of the valley.
Reaching their arms up and in bent positions, Calais presses their body against a tree trunk.
They say a spell: Kakete verad.
An image of tree roots spreads across Calais' vision.
Calais: Yes, another healthy system. The root caps are digging deep. We can keep growing this grove.
Calais looks up from their work.
Calais: Picardie is going to hurt herself. Who taught her to fly?
Calais strides through the deep forest of pine trees.

Page 8
Picardie's boot lands on a branch.
Picardie: Twenty-one! Twenty-two!
Both her feet launch off of another branch.
She stops, smiling and giving a thumb's up.
Picardie: My longest streak yet!
She looks out over the canopy, covering her face with one arm.
Picardie: Yet, I do not think the trees will grow much in this hot light.
Picardie: Ten- oof! Sigh... One...
Picaride's boots once again land on tree branches.
Picardie flies through the canopy of the forest, arms spread out.
Picardie: I will be there in just a few moments...
The yellow wall looms over the forest, bright in the summer light.

Page 9
Calais bends over, hands on their knees, on a flight of stone stairs.
Calais: Almost...
Calais' right eye opens wide.
Picardie is above, arm stretched out, in the trees.
Calais: Picardie! Descend for a moment!
Picardie: Oh, they finally made it. What do you need?
Picardie jumps down, hair flying upwards, to meet with Calais on the ground.
Calais: Look!
Calais points at something in front of the two.
The thing is a gray mass, attached to one of the columns of the yellow wall. Behind it, the wall's open-air gallery extends to both sides.
In the grass, a large number of red, glowing flowers have sprouted.

Page 10
Picardie is surprised.
Picardie: What in...
Picardie approaches it, only her braid and shoulder visible in the next panel.
Calais: It is some sort of... Perhaps a fungus?
Picardie is close to the object.
Picardie: No, it is too large. A cocoon?
Blue, green, and yellow butterflies fly in the air, all headed to the right.
Picardie: The butterflies have already headed south, though.
Picardie turns to Calais.
Picardie: What else is here?
Calais is on their knees, looking at some of the flowers in the grass.
Calais: The flowers... glowing in daylight...
Calais: Picardie?
Calais looks up at Picardie. Picardie is frowning.

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