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Page 91
The left half of Picardie’s head is in the first panel. The second panel shows the right half, with a green hood and a tear. The coloring is bluer in the second.
Picardie thinks: Mother, father, why? Why make me a plant sorcerer, when no other but him would then be a choice?
Why set that seed of fate, a little grain, to sprout?
In the third panel, Picardie lays on the grass, one arm outstretched. She wears a different outfit than before. Yellow flowers surround her, sprouting up around her and taking up a lot of space.
Picardie thinks:
Especially with his magic so much stronger, blossoming and capturing all the sun.

Page 92
Picardie keeps walking, in the hooded cape. The world around her is not tinted blue. The path leads between tall grasses into a crack in a large stone up ahead.
In the second panel, a light-colored bird sits on a rock, and small flowers spring up near the path.
Picardie thinks: I am just a weed, growing between two field-stones. Neither food nor flower am I, no useful yield in my presence..
The bird takes flight in the third panel, passing Picardie.
Picardie approaches the large rock. She walks in the crack, holding the wall with one hand.
She thinks: I between two stones- unwanted, ugly, unsatisfactory and alone.

Page 93
Picardie exits the crack in the stone, looking at the valley and snow-capped mountains.
She thinks: No- I am here to free myself from the past!
Her eye shines in the second panel. Then, she is back in her outfit with the blue jacket. Her hair blows in the wind, and she clenches her fist.
In a large panel, Picardie stands on a path before a series of hills and mountains. The path leads to a small town. Large mountains in the back are partially hidden by clouds. Snow is on many of the mountains, and the far mountains have pink stone.
Picardie stands with one hand on her hip.
She thinks: Seven years, Diora. Have you felt my weeds spreading, in the valley?

Page 94
Four panels show Picardie continuing on the path. First, she walks sideways along a thin rocky path. She looks up at one of the tall, snowy mountains with more clouds in front of it. She sees her breath in front of her, using it to warm her hand.
She stands in a field of browning plants, with many hills behind her. Clouds are closing in.
Picardie: Here I am.
Picardie is in town. Homes made of light brown wood are clustered. They are somewhat triangular in shape, with additions sticking out. Picardie stands at a crossroads of small paths. The snow falls heavily.
Picardie: Now what?

Page 95
From the side of Picardie, another person appears. As Picardie looks off in the distance, hair flowing, this second person leans a bit and her eyes are wide. She looks like an older version of Picardie, with low braids and the same nose marking.
Amiens: Could that be? Are you my Picardie?
Picardie turns, shocked, in a close up.
Picardie: Mother!
Amiens gets close to Picardie, stroking Picardie’s cheek with her hand. Picardie scrunches up her eyes, while Amiens smiles.
Amiens: Come inside, quickly. I have soup.
Inside, everything is warmer and bathed in orange light. Amiens stands before a large pot, holding a green bowl. Tools hang from hooks on the wall. A flap is open in the wall, letting steam out.
Picardie sits in side-view. A large cabinet and some green things are behind her.
Picardie: What is it, Mother?

Page 96
The soup bowl sits on the table. It is red and chunky.
Picardie holds the spoon with a chunk of soup. We see more of the room. There are more cabinets and tools.
Amiens: Laon is speaking in the town square. I will fetch him afterwards. I am sure he will be happy to see you.
Picardie eats, crying a little.
She turns to Amiens.
Picardie: Mother. I am here to annul the bond.
A horizontal panel shows the whole kitchen. It is a row of cabinets, with various tools hanging. Some herbs also hang from the sloped wall. There are stuffed bags and a head of lettuce.
Amiens: He has already done so. When was it- about three years ago? He bounded with a traveling plant sorcerer a few months ago. Another man.

Page 97
Picardie’s eyes widen and become o’s. She is small on a background of brown and black.
Then the next panel shows a close-up of her eyes, bangs, and nose. There are tears.
Picardie: Oh. And I came all the way- all this way- and- and-
Amiens reaches around and hugs Picardie from the side.
Amiens: Shh, child. Shh. We tried to write, but not knowing where you had run off to-
Amiens looks down, somewhat away from Picardie.
Picardie reaches two fingers up to her nose-marking.
Picardie: I understand. I will wipe off my chyll.
She prepares to wipe it off in a shot from behind.

Page 98
Amiens reaches a hand out, pulling Picardie’s fist away from her nose.
Amiens: Do not- my flower- you may keep it.
Picardie lowers her fist to her chest, shoulders stooping. Amiens sits quietly.
Picardie: It is a symbol of my accordance with our beliefs. Our rules. I was not present for the bond annulment. I am not in accordance.
A close up shows Picardie looking at her nose.
Amiens: Then I shall wipe mine. For I forced my daughter into the wrong bond.
Picardie: No, Mother-
Amiens frowns with her eyebrows.
Amiens: Then I shall wipe mine.
She holds up her hand, covering her nose and mouth.
Amiens: For I forced my daughter into the wrong bond.
Picardie’s hand now reaches out towards her mother. She looks desperate.
Picardie: No, Mother-

Page 99
Picardie and Amiens look at each other, hands down. Amiens smiles. We can only see the back of Picardie’s head.
Amiens: It is acceptable to break the rules. You are happy now, living wherever it is you have run off to. That is enough.
Picardie frowns.
Picardie: Mother-
Amiens holds her hands in front of her chest, touching some fingers together.
Amiens: The aylin do not expect perfection. The rules were written long ago, to guide us.
She smiles gently, eyebrows turned up.
Amiens: They did not expect such a vast world and variety of people.
Picardie looks down.

Page 100
Amiens’ hands grab Picardie’s cheeks, turning her head.
Amiens: Look at me when I speak! You rude girl.
Amiens stands up.
Amiens: I will fetch Laon.
As she walks, Picardie turns to look at her.
Picardie: There is no need- do not-
Amiens frowns.
Amiens: No, you must settle the matter. Have some soup. I will go now.
Picardie sits, the soup behind her on the table. Picardie looks at her legs.

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