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Cocooon Transcripts: Pages 101 to 110

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Page 101
Picardie sits at the low table, alone in her childhood home.
She lifts a spoon of soup, looking at it, and eats it. She cries.
Picardie thinks: My mind… it is blank. What shall I say? To him?

Page 102
Amiens has come back inside.
Amiens: Here she is.
A dark figure stands before Picardie.
Laon: Thank you, Amiens. Greetings, Picardie.
Picardie holds her hands in her lap.
Picardie: Laon. I have returned, for a short time.
Laon sits at the other side of the table, eyebrows raised up.
Picardie looks up at him.
Picardie: I am sorry for running away right after the ceremony.
Laon: I apologize, as well. I spoke vile words to you, two years ago.

Page 103
Laon remains seated at the table.
Laon: My father had said cruel things of your name. I should have made my own decisions about you.
Picardie folds her arms across her chest.
Picardie: Oh. Thank you.
Laon smiles a little.
Laon: Although I doubt we were suited for each other…
Picardie relaxes, holding her head in between her hands.
Picardie: Ha! Nothing truer can be said.
The snowcapped mountains form the background for the last panel.
Laon: Well, tell me- what forests have you found, beyond these hills?
Picardie: You would not believe them…

Page 104
It is autumn in Valley Forest. The trees are changing color.
Lorraine holds out her hand, magic coming from her fingers.
Lorraine: Ahya, iopa!
A vine sprouts up, and reaches out to the tree branches.
Lorraine: Mirear, orcaer, hajaal.
Vines drop nuts into big baskets.
Lorraine holds out her hand, and the vines keep working.
Lorraine: Yarnuts, complete!
Alsace looks at her from a distance, smiling.

Page 105
Alsace is beneath a tree with red nuts.
Alsace: I shall finish with the whunuts soon.
Alsace holds a tree trunk, looking up at the branches and leaves.
Alsace: Narya, narya, iopa.
The red, wrinkled nuts fall through the air.
Alsace: Mirear, hyuma, hajaal.
One nut hits Alsace right on the top of her head. She holds her head, frowning.
The nut lands in a mostly full basket.

Page 106
At the edge of a different forest, there are more tree stumps than trees. Dirt fields stretch out to faraway mountains in the red sunset.
Three panels show more chopping. One tree has a big cut in its trunk. Another has just fallen. Big stumps cluster in the grass.
Different voices shout:
Watch out!
Boss, the wagons are full!
Everyone, head out!

Page 107
Calais and Occitanie walk through Valley Forest, not a stump in sight.
Occitanie: Calais, where are we heading…
Calais smiles in a close-up shot.
Calais: I found some apples to pick for the children.
Occitanie holds out her hand, palm up.
Occitanie, thinking: When did Calais notice? I should have felt the apples ripening in my fingertips.
Calais stands among apple trees, holding one red apple. They smile.
Calais: Here.

Page 108
Occitanie positions herself while Calais turns to the apple trees.
Occitanie: I shall hold the basket.
Calais holds out their hand, and magic comes from their pointer finger. Apples hang above their hand.
Calais: Apples- conio domno.
The magic pattern replicates itself on the apples, and they fall from the branches. They fly towards Occitanie, hitting her in the stomach.
Occitanie: Woah- ah!
Occitanie falls to the ground, apples in her lap.
Occitanie: Owww…
Calais stands over Occitanie, concerned.
Calais: What happened? I thought you would have your vines…

Page 109
Calais holds out a hand, and Occitanie reaches to take it.
They blush when Occitanie is standing.
Calais: Well.
Calais walks away.
Calais: We should get some more from the other trees.
Occitanie holds out her hand again, apples around it. A similar magic pattern comes from it, but it is wobbly and weak.
Occitanie thinks:
What has happened to my magic? My energy?
Occitanie stands among the apple trees, her face in shadow.
Occitanie thinks:
Only one answer. That place… Will I die with it?
Dark clouds hang over the yellow walls of the forest.

Page 110
At the base of the wall, Limousin cries, and Guyane tries to comfort her with a hand on her shoulder.
Limousin: Wahhhh…
Guyane: Shhh. The adults will be back soon.
Tears are coming from Limousin’s eye.
Lim: Oh! Calais!
Calais stands before the two, carrying a big basket of apples.
Calais: Limousin? Guyane?
Calais gets on the level of Limousin and Guyane.
Lim: Aquitaine is missing!
Guyane: They wandered off on one of our walks. I am so sorry.
Calais frowns.
Calais: Uhhh… tch… Come inside.
Calais opens the door to their house, looking back at the demon and the child.
Calais: Tell me where you were walking.

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