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Cocooon Transcripts: Pages 21 to 30

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Page 21
Calais looks at some pink lilies.
There is a closeup of one of the lilies.
Calais: I suppose, like Picardie, that I too wish to harvest. Not sit around an anomaly…
Calais: Moon lilies. These bloomed on that night, too…
A younger Calais sits on the bank of a river, legs in the water. A stone staircase connects a path that goes up a hill.
A younger Occitainie looks down on Calais from behind.
Occitanie: Who are you? You trespass on the Valley Forest.

Page 22
Calais: Ah! Uh. I am but a new Plant Sorcerer… Uh…
Calais turns to face Occitanie. Occitanie crosses her arms.
Occitanie: New? Who sent you?
Calais explains, and the panel depicts them touching giant tree roots that dwarf them.
Calais: No one. I left my family behind to become a sorcerer. The plants here spoke to me kindly…
Occitanie: You mean to say you bonded with the forest with no catalyst? That you have that level of talent?
Occitanie is doubtful.

Page 23
Calais: Ummm… I do not know what a catalyst is.
Calais touches their pointer fingers together.
Occtanie smiles and a glow around her appears.
Occitanie: Hmmmm…. I suppose you really are new. I am Occitanie. My Duxa-
Calais: Your what?
Occitanie: Duxa. It is our leadership. My Duxa is Gaudeloupe. Come. We will train you.
There is a waterfall to the left of Calais, who looks to the right at Occitanie’s glowing hand. She offers it to them.

Page 24
Calais strokes a petal of one of the moon lilies.
They walk to the same river and waterfall.
Calais: If only I were on night harvest this year… No cocoon found, no tedious days.
Calais looks down at their reflection in the river.
Occitanie: Calais? Is it not a bit late for a break?
She is across the river and has a hand on her hip.
Calais: Duxa! I did not see you there… I thought you were not on night harvest.
Calais puts a hand to their throat.

Page 25
Occitanie: Too bad we cannot harvest everything in the night. Starbugs and moon lilies would light our paths, and we could remain cool.
Occitanie moves across the river, stepping on little purple rocks. The waterfall pours down behind her.
Her right foot reaches the bank where Calais stands.
Occitanie: You wish to harvest. I know.
Calais looks up at Occitanie.
Occitanie extends her hand to Calais’ fist.
Occitanie: I could take your place for a day-
Calais: Picardie will be furious if you give me work and not her. We both wish to support you, Duxa.
Calais blushes, and turns to the side.

Page 26
Occitanie: … Please, Calais. Stop calling me that. Duxa is so formal. You arrived over five years ago.
Occitanie smiles a little.
Calais: No, Duxa. I cannot possibly.
Calais pouts and looks down.
Occitanie: I am so tired, Calais.
Occitanie leans over Calais, and Calais backs away.
Occitanie: Can you not support me in this way?
Calais: Ah! What- Ma- uh!
Occitanie begins to hug Calais.

Page 27
Occitanie hugs Calais tightly.
Calais: Wha-
Calais pushes a hand against Occitanie’s chest.
Calais: No!
Calais runs away.
Calais: Good night!
It is now daytime, in another part of the forest.
Alsace: Thank the trees we did not find that cocoon.
Lorraine: I breathe my thanks every moment.
Lorraine sits on a tree branch, reaching out.
Alsace is beneath Lorraine, leaning on the trunk.
Alsace: How much longer will it be?

Page 28
Lorraine looks out at the wall, far in the distance.
Lorraine: We lack the future visions of roaming psychics. If we knew… those two would be harvesting.
Lorraine feels a branch above her head.
Lorraine takes a big pair of clippers and cuts the branch.
Holding it in her lap, she rubs it with one hand.
Lorraine: Oh, Calais… Picardie…
In the last panel, there are three pairs of feet. One in yellow shoes, with green and light blue robes, on the left. A pair of white boots in the middle, with the cocoon shining through them. And on the right, purple boots under a pink robe.

Page 29
Occitanie: Picardie, Calais. I have brought three experts, as I promised a week ago.
Calais and Picardie stand by the cocoon, as Occitanie speaks from the left. Picardie is doubtful.
Auvergne: Hello. I am Auvergne, an air sorcerer from Diora.
Auvergne stands in front of a pink and brown background of mountains and clouds.
Picardie: That place…
Her eyes light up a little.
Rhone: Greetings. I am simply from the western coast, a water sorcerer named Rhone.
Rhone reaches around with her right hand, touching her bobbed hair on the left. She stands in front of a blue and green background of land and water.
Calais: You have come from that far?
Calais is surprised.

Page 30
Alpes: Hello, hello, hello! I am the region’s Duxa Queller of Quakes, Alpes!
Alpes stands tall, hair poking out from the top of the panel. They dominate the panel, with green mountains behind them. Rhone, on the left, covers her face with her hand. Auvergne hides their mouth on the left.
Calais looks down, displeased. Picardie, on the other hand, is pumped up.
Picardie: The Duxa? The best of them all?
Alpes: Perhaps not quite the best- I have some talented Quellers on my team.
Alpes brushes their chin with their hand, in front of Picardie.
Occitanie: Ahem. They are here to trigger the cocoon, as we discussed.
Occitanie stands in front of the cocoon.

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