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Pepper the Potion Witch Transcripts: Pages 1-10

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Page 1
Pepper the Potion Witch by Emily Cox.
The cover: Pepper sits on the edge of a cauldron, legs in the liquid. Various herbs float on the surface.

Page 2
A cauldron bubbles up, orange bubbles floating out. The liquid is cream-colored.
Pepper stands in her uniform, holding a large brush.
She scrapes the cauldron with a brush.
It is night out, and she is alone.
Finally, the cauldron is clean.
But a spilled-over jar is nearly empty: Pepper is mad.

Page 3
Pepper fills up a jar of red sand-like material from a larger jar.
She is in a large storage room, with rows and rows of red and green and orange jars.
She looks for one, pointing a finger up to read the labels. She lifts the jar of orange spheres in liquid down, surprised by the weight.
She continues to look through the rows of materials.
She yawns, and tired, is in a bad mood.

Page 4
Back at the work station, pepper uses a mortar and pestle to grind something.
The cauldron simmers with a green liquid. The heat is on five but could go up to six.
Pepper’s face is reflected in the bubbling green liquid. She isn’t sure about her potion work.
Lifting up a wooden spoon with the liquid, it shines a little and forms a gelatinous blob.
She grabs a few of the orange spheres that she found in the storehouse, and drops them in.

Page 5
Now the potion gives off an orange glow of magic.
Pepper carefully lowers a jar in to pick some up, using tongs to hold the jar.
Looking at her creation, she smiles a little.
Pepper thinks: First step, complete.
She fills four more jars, all lined up on the counter.
Looking over at the cauldron, she thinks: Well, with borage, the extra would make a nice mood-booster…
She keeps stirring the pot.

Page 6
The liquid starts to pop, surprising Pepper.
Now it is blue, with little yellow stars and orange spheres floating around.
She smiles.
Pepper thinks across several panels as she leaves: That can sit overnight. Tomorrow I’ll get the rest of the herbs. Ugh, it’s sacrifice time, too. I need to get that list…
She heads into a lush area of glass greenhouses and trees. A small figure walks between the greenhouse buildings.

Page 7
Anise: Pepper!
A young girl with a black bob cut looks over towards Pepper. She has on a green tight jacket and jeans.
Pepper: Anise!
Anise: What do you need today?
Pepper counts off herbs on her fingers.
Pepper: Well, I need some santolina, marigold, and rue. The Coven needs its weekly delivery tomorrow, and Eld gave me the list… here…
Pepper hands over a list reluctantly.
Anise: And Eld knows this’ll cost a fortune?
Anise is very shocked, reading the list.
Pepper: Boss knows we pay, so don’t worry…
Pepper scratches the back of her head.
Closing her eyes and tilting her head down, she continues.
Pepper: Actually… I was thinking… I should break off from the Coven.

Page 8
Anise: Do they even allow that?
Anise, thinking: Will they let go of her?
Anise frowns. Pepper touches her pointer fingers together.
Pepper: I don’t know.
A tall figure shows up, the boss of the greenhouses.
Boss: Hi Pepper! Got the weekly order?
Anise frowns, handing over the list.
Anise: Oh, Boss. Here.
Boss is even more shocked, eyes wide open.
Boss: Gah! It’s a lot! Is it the demon sacrifice preparation week?
Pepper: Yeah, and it’s the Summer Moon, so it’s pretty big this month.
Pepper frowns, looking up a little. A moon shines in the background.
Anise puts her hands together, smiling.
Anise: Oh! Pepper! Why don’t you ask your demon? I bet the demons know if you can leave covens…

Page 9
Boss: So you’re finally thinking of leaving. Don’t worry, Pepper, we’ll still sell our herbs to you.
Boss, thinking: It’s about time she broke off from those stiffs.
Anise smiles at Boss, and Boss puts up a thumbs-up.
Pepper: Really? Thanks…
Pepper is a little shocked.
Another person comes up from the other direction, towards the three.
Clove: What’s this I hear, Peps?
Pepper: Hi, Clove.
Pepper seems tired just seeing Clove. Clove is smiling, holding a few plants in her arms.
Clove: Finally sick of the traditions of Sugar Pine, huh?
Clove puts an arm around Pepper’s shoulders, leaning in.
Then she backs off, heading somewhere else.
Clove: Well, hey, if you make a new healing potion… I’m all ears. I got plenty of personal clients.

Page 10
Pepper: Really? It means a lot that you’d share.
Anise: I wish I could help, too, Pepper.
Anise leans in towards Pepper, trying to keep her attention.
Boss frowns at Anise.
Boss: You? But you aren’t a witch… And Pepper probably needs witches like Clove more than you.
Boss leans in towards Anise, eyebrows raised.
Boss: Besides, I need you, Miss Plant Sorcerer. Who else can grow the plants so quickly?
Anise looks away, growling.
Anise: Grrr!
Pepper tries to placate Anise, but turns towards introspection.
Pepper: Don’t worry, Anise. I’m sure there’s something you can help me with.
Pepper: But first, I’ll talk to my demon.
A bright blue moon shines in a dark sky.

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