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Pepper the Potion Witch Transcripts: Pages 21-30

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Page 21
Pepper is asleep, sitting at the table, head flat on the table. A voice comes from the door.
Anise: Pepper! Pepper! Pepper!
Pepper lifts up her head, exhausted.
Pepper: …Huh? Sweet violet! It’s morning?
Pepper lets Anise in her apartment, stretching a bit. Anise is grumpy.
Pepper: Sorry.
Anise looks at the glasses and papers on the table, hand on hip.
Anise: Looks like you got an idea! What are we making?
She looks intensely at Pepper.

Page 22
Pepper tenses up.
Pepper: Magic juice.
They are both seated at the table.
Anise: Like, for kids?
Pepper lifts up a paper, and launches into a speech.
Pepper: No. I made some plans for a healing orange juice. It would speed up the healing rate of bruises, I think. Plus the juice’s vitamins, and it’s pretty strong.
Anise looks at the paper from Pepper, surprised.
Anise: Woah, seriously? You’re crazy. Did you work on this all night?
Pepper shrinks into her shoulders, hands on the table.
Pepper: Yeah. I haven’t brewed it yet, though.

Page 23
Anise grabs her purse, taking out some papers.
She starts explaining, putting her things down on the table in the middle of the mess.
Anise: That’s fine. So, I got the paperwork from the town hall like you asked. Any sort of business- since you’re probably going to sell these potions?
Pepper looks serious and worried.
Pepper: Yeah, I’d like that.
Anise is reading, but drops the papers. They are all over the floor by the end.
Anise: Well, since it’s a magic-based group there are a few extra forms- ah! Shoot. Registration, taxes, blah blah blah. Can’t be too hard!
Pepper and Anise get on the floor to pick up the papers, and Anise blushes.
Pepper: Wow, it’s all legal stuff.
Anise: Yeah. Boss will double-check it for us. They’re thrilled about a new source of income, ya know?

Page 24
Pepper puts one arm up, reaching behind her head.
Pepper: Haha. I hope I can live up to that.
Anise, still on the floor, looks downwards.
Anise: Was Clove coming by?
Anise and Pepper look at each other and talk.
Pepper: No, I told her to wait a few days. She’ll take the first brew when it’s ready.
Anise: Get to work! I’ll fill these out while you brew. Oh, let me make the poppies bloom, yeah? I know you need the seed oil…
Pepper hugs Anise. Anise blushes heavily, and her magic makes the poppies bloom.
Pepper: Ok! Thanks so much, Anise.

Page 25
Pepper chops up some plants, and has a paste in a bowl.
Then she tries to control the smoke from her cauldron, a little concerned about it.
Anise struggles with the paperwork, stretching.
Pepper presents the first glass of the potion, happy.
Anise does not care for the taste.
While Pepper naps in her comfy red chair, Anise works on growing the plants. The cauldron releases some steam.

Page 26
Pepper’s head tilts to one side.
Anise has a surge of excitement, and the poppies bloom again.
In the evening, Pepper is back at work.
The orange potion releases a few wisps of steam, and stars float on the surface.
Anise snores, head on the table, papers all over the place.
Pepper takes a sip of her potion.
She likes the taste.

Page 27
Pepper and Anise have changed outfits.
Pepper stretches.
Pepper: Whew! All done. It’s been quite the week.
Anise looks down.
Anise: So the only thing that’s left is a group name.
Pepper relaxes.
Pepper: Hmmmm…. Clove is coming soon. She’ll have an idea.
Anise frowns.
Anise: Yeah, she always does.
A voice shouts from the window.
Clove: Peps! It’s me!
Clove waves from the window, standing on air.
Pepper is shocked.
Pepper: Sweet violet- the window?

Page 28
Now inside, Clove relaxes.
Clove: Whew.
Pepper puts her hands on her hips.
Pepper: I keep telling you not to fly in.
Clove: C’mon, you live on the twentieth floor. It’s too fun to resist.
Anise buts in, still shocked.
Anise: Who dropped you off?
Clove: My new girlfriend. An Air Sorcerer.
Anise crosses her arms across her chest.
Anise: Lucky. But she can't help you make potions.
Clove looks at the glass on the counter, grinning.
Clove: So, what do we have here?

Page 29
Clove picks up the glass, and Pepper leans over to explain.
Pepper: My new healing orange juice potion.
Anise holds up her stack of papers.
Anise: As well as the paperwork for the new group Pepper’s gonna lead!
Clove wraps an arm over Pepper’s shoulders.
Clove: This became a big project, Peps.
Pepper: Yeah. But without a magic business license, I can’t sell these potions.
Clove looks glum.
Then we see their feet as they talk.
Clove: So can I take a few samples? What kind of healing is it?
Pepper: Bruises, mainly. There’s a pain relief factor too.
Clove smiles just a bit, eyebrows raised.
Clove: Great. I know some guys who need this sort of thing.

Page 30
A woven basket, holding jars of the potion, sits on the counter.
Clove moves to the door, holding the basket on one arm.
Anise: Oh, Clove- before you go-
Clove grins, little hearts appearing.
Clove: Hmm?
Pepper stands, hesitating a bit. Anise stands behind her, guarding Pepper.
Pepper: We don’t have any ideas for the name.
Clove is disappointed, making a fist.
Clove: Of the potion?
Anise stands behind Pepper, one hand on her shoulder.
Pepper: Of the group.
Clove: Uhhhh…

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