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Pepper the Potion Witch Transcripts: Pages 31-40

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Page 31
Clove stands confidently, framed by big green leaves and white flowers. They are the alecost flowers.
Clove: Alecost! After the fermentation base.
Pepper puts her hands on her hips.
Pepper: Even though we can’t make magical alcoholic drinks?
Clove puts a finger to her chin.
Clove: Oh. Well, plenty of other things need fermentation. I’m always buying it.
Anise frowns.
Anise: Pepper, it’s better than anything else you came up with.
Pepper crosses her arms. Anise tenses up, looking the other way. Then there is a panel of the same alecost flower.
Pepper: Not like you had any good names either. So, the Alecost Group it is!
Clove waves.
Clove: See ya, Peps, Anise.

Page 32
Pepper is back in the grocery store, in front of the juice cases.
Lily: More juice?
Pepper looks up at Lily- she was sitting on the floor. Then she stands up, clasping her hands together just below her neck.
Pepper: Yep! I’m working on a second potion, now that Clove has said the first was great. Tomorrow I hear back from the witch council, too, about the business…
Lily is a mix of unhappy and nonplussed.
Lily: You’re going to sell the potions, huh… Burnt yarrow. I don’t believe it.
Pepper tries to look surprised.
Pepper: Yeah… me neither.
Lily holds her hands out in front of her, looking at them.

Page 33
Lily taps her pointer fingers together, looking to the side.
Lily: Say, can I help? If you can’t make it at some point? I know I’m not as good as you at potions, but…
Pepper smiles.
Pepper: Really? That’d be great. I’ll send you the recipe.
Lily: Awesome.
The forest is dark. Priorri sits in zer rock circle.
Priorri: Hey, hey, Pepper. My little renegade witch.
Pepper kneels on one knee, holding out a jar.
Pepper: Hi, Priorri. I have my first two potions. Juice potions, I mean.
Priorri: Ooh! Ooh!

Page 34
Priorri leans to lick the juice up. Pepper clasps her hands together, holding her breath.
Priorri grins.
Priorri: MMMMmmm! Yeah! That’s the stuff, kiddo!
Pepper raises her eyebrows.
Pepper: Really?
Priorri’s eyes narrow.
Priorri: I can see it now- you’ll do great. I mean, your sacrifices have always been better than the others…
Pepper covers her eyes with her shirt sleeve. A few tears make it down her cheeks.
Pepper: Thanks.
We step back and see the whole scene.
Priorri: Hey, hey, don’t cry now. You’ve got a long ways to go.
Pepper: Right. See you next month!
The moon hangs in the sky, not quite full. The stars shine brightly above the trees.

Page 35
It is night at Pepper’s apartment. The ceiling lights cast a dim glow on Pepper and Anise.
Pepper: So, are the ads out?
Anise sits comfortably at the table. Pepper waters her plants.
Anise: Yep. We have a recruitment poster at the nursery. I asked gyms to put up the ads, too.
Pepper: Great.
Anise turns her attention to another matter. One panel shows a silhouette, with a red bowtie, forcing a drink down another silhouette’s throat.
Anise: Say… a friend said they saw Clove forcing someone to drink the potions a few weeks ago. Back when you were testing it out.
Pepper looks at Anise, grimacing.
Pepper: Seriously?
Anise: Yeah. I wonder.

Page 36
Anise sits quietly, waiting.
Pepper looks at her plants.
Pepper: Clove has always been really friendly to us. But it’s true I don’t know her all that well.
Anise looks down.
Anise: I don’t think we should trust her. We can find other ways to test the potions.
Pepper: Okay…
The alecost flowers stand tall in the dim light.

Page 37
Anise crouches, using magic to grow a plant in a big greenhouse. She is in work clothing.
Boss: Hey, Anise-
Anise turns.
Anise: Boss!
Anise runs over to where Boss is. Boss is on their hands and knees, looking at the ground.
Anise: What’s wrong?
Boss: Ugh. Ouch.
Anise: What’s wrong?
Boss is sweating, eyes wide.
Boss: I took that orange juice stuff Pepper made, you know? I don’t feel so good.

Page 38
Anise offers a hand to Boss. Boss looks at it blankly.
Anise: Let’s get you outside.
Boss lays on a towel in the middle of a grove of trees.
Anise: I’ll call Pepper over to assess…
Pepper appears, with a bag.
Pepper: Sweet violet! What happened?
Boss frowns.
Boss: That rotten orange juice is making my insides squirm.
Pepper sits on the grass, crossing her legs.
Pepper: Huh? But it shouldn’t… I had some myself and it was fine.
Anise frowns.
Anise: You haven’t been around here in the last week, either.

Page 39
Boss closes their eyes.
Boss: Some kid gave it to me. I don’t know who. Said she was working with you, Pepper… She came by and asked if I knew you.
Boss puts a hand to their shirt.
Boss:Ooohh! My stomach!
We see inside Pepper’s bag. She has various materials.
She looks down at Boss.
Pepper: Let’s heal you, first. I have my small cauldron. Anise, go get elder berries, alexanders, and meadowsweet. Plus the usual seashore potion base.
Anise: Ok!
Pepper gets out a chopping board and a little wrapper of plants.
Pepper prepares the potion in a small portable cauldron.
Boss drinks.

Page 40
Boss stands, stretching out. Anise puts her hands on her hips.
Boss: Whew… that’s much better.
Anise: Pepper, did you give your recipe to someone?
Pepper holds her bag with both hands, frowning.
Pepper: A friend. She’s not as good at potions as me, but this recipe is super easy.
Anise holds her fists close to her chest.
Anise: You don’t think…
A side view of Pepper shows her frowning.
Pepper: I’ll have to talk to her.

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