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About Emily Cox

I've been reading comics for as long as I can remember, starting with Garfield and Bizarro in the newspaper. I picked up manga in middle school, and as I learned French, grabbed French-language titles whenever I could. I have been making my own comics since 2014.

I graudated from Middlebury College in 2017, with a BA in French, and from the University of San Diego with a Master's in Social Innovation from the University of San Diego in 2018.

Besides drawing comics, I also tutor English language learners in a variety of subjects, and teach elementary school students to code.

For a full listing of all transcripts of my comics, please see the Transcripts page. Transcripts are also linked on comic reading pages at the bottom of the page and on the landing pages for each comic.

Contact Me

Please email me for inquiries or commissions at
Messages through social media are unlikely to reach me as quickly.

a self portrait of the artist wearing a purple shirt and a scarf, surrounded by large morning glories

Timeline of Work


In the beginning half of the year, I wrote and drew two more Incantation Comics: Letters to Toast and To Become a Witch.

I graduated from graduate school. Part of my capstone, Assessing the Damage of Marine Plastic Pollution: Current Seascapes and Ways Forward to Cleaner Oceans, were the Trash Comics.

After finishing To Become a Witch, I focused on a new, longer comic: Cocoon. Creating the world and characters would take me the whole summer as I looked for work.


In May, I graduated from college, and the College Cats series ended. I would begin graduate school in September.

I finished drawing Chapter 34 of Phantasma in July. Having completed it, I knew I needed a chance to work on shorter work.

The series of Incantation Comics began with Pepper the Potion Witch in July. I would then go on to draw Diora in the fall.


After wrapping up their year abroad, the College Cats prepared for their senior year with me.

I also continued drawing Phantasma, relying on my notes and reference photos.


In August, I finished drawing the last pages of Triple A.

In September, I began preparing to draw Phantasma, going through initial drafts and character ideas. The College Cats went abroad with me to France, entering their second year of printing.


In August, I started preparatory writing and drawing for Triple A. I would start drawing it in earnest in mid-September.

In Ocotober, I drew the first two strips of College for Cats.