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Cocoon characters against a yellow wall

Can the plant sorcerers grow beyond their walls when a newcomer arrives?

Begin the Harvest!

The hot summer sun beats down on Valley Forest when Calais and Picardie stumble upon a magical cocoon attached to the walls of the east. One is prepared to accept the change; the other only wishes for the days to remain the same. As they make room for the changes in their pocket of the world, they must adapt and heal old wounds. Calais must face their feelings for Duxa Occitainie; Picardie dwells on her desire to work harder and harder. There are also the other sorcerers around them to consider: Alsace and Lorraine. And the other individuals, soon to come from outside the walls...

For ease of reading, character information on all named characters is available.

Cocoon shares the same world as the Incantation Comics, but in a much earlier era than those comics.

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Occitainie looks down, Cocoon pages 1 to 10 Picaride is unhappy, Cocoon pages 11 to 20 Occitainie looks down, Cocoon pages 21 to 30 A magical yellow eye, Cocoon pages 31 to 40


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