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College for Cats

Year 1, Fall Year 1, Spring

Welcome to the College for Cats- the premier higher education institution for all felines... Well, that is, if you aren't falling asleep in class! Will you and your fluffy friends succumb to the winter snow, or make it to spring? Can you dodge textbook prices?
Look out for that box, though- you'll lose track of all time spent in it!
⚞Fall 2014/Spring 2015⚟

Year 2, Fall Year 2, Spring

The cats aren't headed back to school- no, they're off to Dog Country for their year abroad! Will they use the right verb forms and tenses? Will they manage to respect the diversity in the city? Are they finally going to get off those darn email lists?
Or will they encounter the horrors of public transportation...?
⚞Fall 2015/Spring 2016⚟

Year 3, Fall Year 3, Spring

As the cats enter senior year, will they finish their theses? (Or even start, in some cases...) Will printer mishaps crush their dreams? Are they ever going to fly back to school without a delay?
And more importantly, will everyone stop asking about their future plans?
⚞Fall 2015/Spring 2016⚟

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Incantation Comics

Pepper the Potion Witch
Pepper image

This story chronicles the struggles a young witch faces after leaving her coven and setting out on her own path. Along the way, she learns that not all friendly faces are true… (2017, 50 pages.)

Diora image

Fog and memories threaten to suffocate residents and returnees of a land of mountains. Will anyone cut through the clouds and haze to clear skies? (2017, 60 pages.)

Letters to Toast
Letters to Toast image

Yogurt the earth sorcerer finds a mysterious scar and a bag of letters. As she seeks out answers to the past, emotions run deeper than she expected... (2018, 40 pages.)