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the five main characters of Phantasma, smiling at each other

Welcome to the world of illusions, hidden away in Paris...

Visit the City of Lights and Mystery!

Wandering through the Jardin des Plantes one weekend, two young women stumble upon a glowing plant. It invites them to see illusions across the city of Paris. But these women -Olive and Lilou- are not the only people who can see these illusions- they join a group of three more illusion hunters, including an old friend of Olive's, an energetic literature student, and a quieter, tall woman. Plunged into a new side of the city, five people search for mysterious keys to unlock all the rooms of an old, ivy-covered house nestled away in the Jardin des Plantes...

Along the way, these five people see the city beyond the usual tourist haunts, delving into less common attractions. This urban fantasy webcomic goes beyond the Eiffel Tower and Louvre to spend time in Paris's beautiful parks and smaller museums.

The story takes place from September 2015 to June 2016, and production of the comic was finished a year later with the completion of Chapter 34, at 503 pages total. It updated three to five times a week from October 2015 to November 2017. The timeline coincides with my study abroad experience in Paris.

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As the lengths of the chapters vary, chapters are occasionally split into two parts. At the end of every chapters, visited locations are listed.

You can also read more about the main characters and locations featured in the comic.

While the comic is not split into parts, you can jump to every 5th chapter here:

Chapter 5  ||  Chapter 10  ||  Chapter 15  ||  Chapter 20  ||  Chapter 25  ||  Chapter 30  ||  Transcripts

Chapters 1 to 4

flowers and a blue star Olive and Lilou meet Indigo Dragon at the house a sad man in an illusion Violet

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Chapters 5 to 9

Olive and Violet at the National Archives Violet in the rain Indigo at the Palais Royal The Opera Garnier from afar gardening Dragon frowns a purple horse a horse statue an illusion lady

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Chapters 10 to 14

an unhappy Indigo the first key Lilou, Violet, and Dragon a smiling blonde woman the same smiling blonde woman daffodils

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Chapters 15 to 19

the dome of Napoleon's tomb the second key Dragon, Indigo, and Lilou at the Carnavalet Museum the red walls and windows of the Place des Vosges Indigo and a fountain Dragon rubs their hair Lilou, Olive, and Violet a smiling illusion

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Chapters 20 to 24

Violet swept up in green Violet and Indigo in the large illusion the third key a floating lily it's Georges! boats at the Luxembourg Gardens Victor Hugo

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Chapters 25 to 29

Lilou at the Montsouris Park Violet and Indigo in the Dome Cafe Violet swept up in an illusion the fourth key Indigo and stained glass Violet and an illusion...

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Chapters 30 to 34

a confused Indigo Indigo clutches the fifth key the fifth key stained glass the true form of the Blue Star the king of the illusions

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Transcripts for Phantasma are coming soon.