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Watercolor    ♦   Video Work    ♦   Sketchbook Work    ♦   Selected Comic Pages    ♦   Comic Preparation

Abstract Watercolor

Cool with Marker Thin Cool

Watercolor, 2016-2017.

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Video Work

A video showcasing my Master's program at USD. I helped brainstorm the images and then drew it for the video.

Pen and ink, 2017.

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Sketchbook Work

Zoo Drawings
Eagles Guanaco Wall Climber Palm Pit Viper Painting Palm Pit Viper

Ink and pencil on paper, and watercolor, 2017.

Flower 1 Eclair, Choux, Tarte-Tatin Clafoutis, Flan Larvitar in the Cave

Ink and pencil on paper, 2017.

Hat Girl
St Emilion Out the Window

Ink on paper, 2016

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Selected Comic Pages

Phantasma, Chapter 19, page 7 Phantasma, Chapter 22, page 13 Phantasma, Chapter 26, page 7 Phantasma, Chapter 27, page 5 Pepper the Potion Witch, page 3 Pepper the Potion Witch, page 8 Pepper the Potion Witch, page 25 Pepper the Potion Witch, page 31

Digital, 2016-2017, from Phantasma and Pepper the Potion Witch

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Comic Preparation Work

Boss Chart Greenhouse, day style 1 Diora mountains, layer 2 and 3 Phantasma, Chapter 18 color schemes

Digital, 2016-7.

To see thumbnail work for Diora, please click here.

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