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Triple A

the three main characters of Triple A

Becoming a mage isn't just about controlling your magic

The Trial of Circle Mountain

Dear recent Mage School Graduate,

The time is here for you to begin preparations to embark on your ascent of Circle Mountain. This esteemed tradition dates back from the earliest years of Mage training. As you may have heard, Mages of every type must undertake this journey in order to earn complete certification from the Mage Ministry...

So begins the journey of the team Triple A: Anne, Amy, and Alex. Each girl brings her own struggles: not measuring up to family, not saving a friend in need, and not controlling her power well enough. As they fight monsters, they confront each other and finagle their way through the trials of Circle Mountain.

Triple A began as an idea in August 2014, and became a completed graphic novel of 317 pages by August 2015. It is my first full-length graphic novel that I completed, and the act of drawing the comic kept me strong in rough times.

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Read Triple A

As with all my other comics, Triple A is free to read. Chapters are divided into two parts.

Jump to a part of the comic: Part 1  ||  Part 2  ||  Part 3  ||  Transcripts

Part 1

Anne runs in a park Anne in a cafe Amy smiles Amy grows plants Alex is worried Alex grows small wings the three are separated on the beach Alex curls in the dark

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Part 2

Anne frowns in a swamp Amy leans over, exhausted Anne and Amy Alex and the shadows pink magic around Alex's neck Amy is very cold Anne smiles in a cloud of steam the three in a trial

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Part 3

Amy is shocked Anne and Amy in the desert Anne fires up her power Anne smiles gently Amy is suspicious Amy places a magic seed on the ground Alex fires up her power Alex smiles mysterious purple eyes Triple A, happy together

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Transcripts will be available eventually- please look forward to them by following me on social media.