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Wild Horses

Dorian just wanted to be a baker and live their life in peace, surrounded by delicious cookies and cakes. Unfortunately, a local witch went berserk several years ago and keeps hurting townspeople and travelers alike. No one can put her terror to an end, though the warriors keep coming to try.
The bakery’s latest visitor, though, does not wield any weapon for now…
Wild Horses is a slice-of-life fantasy comic.
New pages come out on Sundays.

a drawing of a plate of cookies


Latest Pages

a drawing of a cookie

The archive splits Wild Horses into 15-page groups.

someone stares from behind a tree, pages 1 to 15 a tired person in town, pages 16 to 30 a brown horse, pages 31 to 45 Ibis frowns, pages 46 to 60 Ibis and wisteria, pages 61 to 75