a digital illustration of two characters at sunrise in a forest valley, overlooking the valley and the yellow wall surrounding it


With the problems of the past behind them, the sorcerers of Valley Forest turn to the future in part 2 of Cocoon.
Calais and Picardie must step up to manage the forest as Occitanie struggles with her sealed powers. Meanwhile, Limousin and Aquitaine begin their studies in glass-making with a new teacher.
Cocoon updates every Saturday with 5 pages.


a digital drawing of a character with a fish in the background, all in purple light a watercolor illustration of a Stellar's Sea Eagle surrounded by plants a watercolor illustration of a Stellar's Sea Eagle surrounded by plants

Completed Comics

Graphic Novels

Phantasma banner image, featuring stained glass with a design of a staff and flowers

Five new friends find out they can see magical illusions in Paris, France- and explore the city looking for them. Follow them and see the city for yourself!

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Short Comics


Fed up with strict rules and quotas, a potion witch sets out to be an entrepeneur in magical juice mixing. But those around her are not all trustworthy...

About Pepper Taste the Potion

The mountains of Diora face a curse every fifty years- impenetrable fog surrounds the area unless a Wind Sorcerer can hold it back with a Wind Bowl. This year, those in charge cannot find the Wind Bowl, and demand that those who left Diora return, to help the Wind Sorcerers locate the bowl. Only problem is, the sorcerers do not get along…

About Diora Enter the Fog

An earth sorcerer discovers a bag, with letters from a lover. As she helps the lover find the bag's owner, they stumble into the darkness of the ground beneath their feet...

About Toast Open the Letter

Egg finds herself surrounded by witches of all kinds, using her money to support their innovations. She desperately wants to be a witch, even as friends and her bodyguard advise her otherwise. As danger closes in on her world, will she get her wish?

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As if college wasn't hard enough, these cats face their own set of choices. Will they wake up for class? Find a new home abroad? Or is the empty box too tempting for even the most studious cats?

College for Cats: Year 1 College Cats Abroad College Cats: Senior Year
Trash Comics banner, featuring a plastic bag floating on water

For each piece of plastic, there is a tragic destiny. Trash Comics is my artistic response to the massvie problem of the plastic pollution in the oceans.

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